Karla's Symbol for Chat on 5-28-2008

Explanation of Karla's Symbol: Checkered floor: The black and white squares represent the struggle between good and evil, as well as good and bad experiences in life.\par \par Stone stairway of seven steps: Starting at bottom, they each name a step of the alchemical process leading to the creation of the philosopher's stone.\par \par Red Lion: Symbol for masculine principle of the opus in its early primitive stage; red sulphur, the hot, dry, male seed of metals; substance that scourges and burns all that come into contact with it. I see it as part of the purifying process that I must pass through to to enter the inner sanctum.\par \par Green Lion: The prima materia in the earliest stage of the opus; ore from which philosophical mercury is extracted; also known as terra (earth), the unclean body, not yet perfected by nature; in a state of immaturity and unripeness.\par \par Block Walls: Obstacles blocking the way to sucessfully completing the opus and subsequent enlightenment; misinformation, wrong thinking, religious dogma, limiting situations, cultural, community, and family belief systems. The world of physical matter as opposed to the spiritual world. My own weaknessess to be overcome.\par \par Cracks in Foundation of wall: Particularly difficult weaknessess to be overcome and repaired in the manifest world before higher spirituality can be attained. If they are not addressed, and a strong foundation built, everything could crumble and be lost.\par \par Eight columns: four on each side: Complete balance and equilibrium; 8 is an emblem of cosmic equilibrium and of renewal, rebirth or beatitude. Eight follows the symbolic "complete " number, seven, and begins a new cycle.\par \par Sun and Moon: The alchemical sun, personified by Sol, signifies the hot , dry, active masculine seed of metals which has to unite with the cold, moist, receptive seed, of the moon, personified by Luna, in the chemical wedding so that the philosopher's stone may be conceived.\par \par Phoenix: The Phoenix positioned high in the cathedral ceiling symbolizes the sucessful completion of the opus; the philosopher's stone. It is a personal favorite symbol of mine, and was tattooed to my body before study of alchemy and its significance known. ( Like it even more now. )\par \par The Rosicrucian Rose: Symbolic of spiritual unfoldment as a flower blossoms by unfolding its petals. The red color refers to the blood of Christ, and the golden heart concealed within the rose corresponds to the spiritual gold concealed within the human nature. The rose and heart are both emblematic of the virtues of love and compassion. To the Greeks, the rose was a symbol of the sunrise, or the coming of the dawn.\par \par Rays of light emanating from Rose symbol: Rays of enlightenment shining down on kneeling female figure; Rosicrucian teachings bringing about higher spiritual understanding.\par \par Female figure: Female alchemist kneeling in meditation and prayer, receiving enlightenment. Nude to symbolize naked truth, nothing hidden, all earthly acoutrements and embellishments have fallen away. Only that which is pure is left.\par \par Planetary symbols on figures back and in arch above rose: Planetary ladder symbolizing 7 chakras, 7 alchemical steps in opus, 7 planets correspondind to aspects of personality which must be recounciled, 7 metals, etc.. Having the symbols on her back, placed over the appropiate chakra, and in the arch above her head demonstrates the hermetic saying, " As Above, So Below." \par \par Rising sun: Symbolizes the Golden Dawn; beginning of a new way of life, a more perfect existence; a higher spirituality.\par \par Cathedral ceilings: Ceilings styled as though reaching up to heaven; reaching up spiritually to infinity.}

Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th Centuries

Cross of the Brothern

Welcome to our Spring RCUI class on Rosicrucian Symbols. In this class we are going to review the mystical meaning of several Rosicrucian Symbols and the application of mystical principles in our daily lives.
To get started you will need to obtain a few items and services:
1. We will be using Skype for our online chats and teleconferences.
A. Set up a skype account (free worldwide) at www.skype.com
B. Select my name (vern761) in Skype on your computer and call me or join our chat. I will let you into the call or chat at the designated time, and you will be able to join the group.
C. For teleconferences, remember that you will need both a microphone and speakers on your computer to be able to participate. Sometimes it is easier to purchase a head set that contains both that you can plug into your PC.
D. If you intend to participate in the teleconference or on-line chat, post your name in the Discussion group above so that I can add you to my participant list - that way I will be sure to let you in when you connect.
2. We will be using 2 textbooks:
a. Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians

b. The Secret Rosicrucian Tradition.

NOTE- Secret Symbols is now in stock. Free shiping is also aviable. Just click on the book title to order or go to the Rosicrucian web store at www.rosicrucian.org

All other reading and information will be supplied to you through this site in the form of postings, etc.
Optional-- a set of water colors, colored markers or crayons to color in the symbols in the Secret Symbols book. Buy in any local store.
A reminder - In online classes you get out of the course in direct relationship to the effort you put in. Studying the material and participation in the chat sessions will yield great rewards from the course.
Course Outline and Assigments:
Week 1 (April 11 to 17) Introduction and The Rose and Cross
1. Read Robert Flud's "Rose and Cross" in Tradition book (pages 3 to 4)
2. Read Introduction and forward in Symbols book.
3. Study and meditate on the meanings of the symbol of the rose cross as found on page XIII (front of cross) and page 34 (reverse of cross). Be prepared to present your interpretations in chat. Optional -- you may want to color in your symbols with the colors you feel appropriate. Use any media you like to work in.

Week 2, (April 18 to 24)The Alchemist
1. Study the symbol and the text on page 1 through 4 in the Symbols book. Prepare to discuss the meaning and your impressions in our chat. Color in if you like.
2. Read article titled "Rosicrucian Secret Symbols" in Tradition book.
NOTE -- for week 3 we are going to divide into groups to do a group project. If you desire to be a group leader select a symbol from the Symbols book and request class members to help you. Meet with group members and developer a short presentation on the meaning of the symbol during our chat period for week.

Week 3 ( April 25 to May 1) Groups meet in a group chat to brainstorm and develop a 10 minute presentation for week 5.

Week 4 ( May 2 to May 8 )The Mountain of the Adepts
1. Read "The Mountain of the Adepts" pages 10 and 11 in Tradition book
2. Study "Mons Philosphorum" page 9 in symbols book. What do the various symbols used represent to you? Organize your impressions so you can share them in chat. Optional - color in if you like.

Assignment due Week 7 Each student is to design and present a symbol. Each student should design and color in a chart incorporating the various symbols in the books and outside sources that have meaning to them. Please be prepared to present the meaning to you during the chat for Week 7. Please upload your creation in advance to the forums so other class members can review them in advance of our chat session.

Week 5 (May 9 to 15 ) Group Reports .

Week 6 ( May 16 to May 22 )The Tree of Good and Evil Knowledge

1. Read and study page 7 in Symbols book. Color in if you like. Prepare to share your interpretations with group during chat.

Week 7 ( May 23 to May 29 ) Student Presentations of Symbols designed.
Course Wrap-up

Chat Schedule
All chats and teleconferances will begin at 5:00 PT. Adjust your time accodinally. Each chat session will begin with a 5 minute mediation period. Please log in before the starting time.

We will begin with a chat room and see how may members we have in the class.
Wednesday, April 16 Transcript of Chat.
Wednesday, April 23 Transcript of Chat
Wednesday, April 30 Group Work Sign up for a group if you have not done so.
Wednesday, May 7 Transcript of Chat
Wednesday, May 14 Transcript of Chat

Wednesday, May 21 Sorry it did not record.
Wednesday, May 28

Supplemental Readings for week 1:

Here is the back side of the Rose Cross in color as contained in the 1935 edition of the Symbols book

Here is some background on the Symbols book

This document should help with decoding many of the charts. It provides the mystical meaning of many of the elements used in the charts.

Supplemental Readings for week 2:
Symbol in color from 1935 edition of symbols book.
Paper on this symbol:

Supplemental Readings for week 4:

Symbol in color from 1935 edition of symbols book.

Paper on this symbol: